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Scopes and Topics

Scopes and Topics

The scope of the conference covers a wider range of amorphous, microcrystalline and nanocrystalline organic/inorganic semiconductors together with the effects of disorder in semiconductors and dielectrics. Material modeling, characterization and fundamental physic of various materials are the heart of the conference. The property of metal oxide based semiconductors are also added as the important issues of this conferences as it is useful for future display electronics. The practical application of different materials in various electronics devices (Thin film Transistors (TFT), photovoltaic, light emitting diodes) attract as special sessions of this conferences.

Papers are welcome on all aspects of amorphous, and crystalline semiconductors and the role of disorder in semiconductors. Topics include the fundamental physics and chemistry governing electronic and physical structure, preparation and characterization of materials, measurements and modeling of electronic, optical and physical properties, stability and metastability and applications including photovoltaics, sensors, TFTs, LEDs, optical storage, and electrical storage.

Material systems include amorphous and nano-crystalline group IV elements as well as alloys, chalcogenide glasses, oxide semiconductors, and organic semiconductors in the form of thin films, bulk, multilayers, or nano-structures.

1st Call for Abstracts