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Social events

Social events

The ICANS 27 Social Events will provide all participants to relax after the conference, to experience the Korea, and to network with friends and acquaintances. A series of social functions will be organized for the conference period.

Welcome Reception

Date & Time August 21(Mon.) 18:00~20:00 / Marronnier Hall (2F, Main building)   

Right before the conference begins, mingle with other colleagues, and break the ice! Come and sample a variety of culinary delights from around Seoul. Entrance fee is included in the registration fee.

Opening Ceremony

Date & Time August 22(Tue.) 09:20~09:40 / Mugunghwa Hall (2F, Hoam Convention Center)   

The opening ceremony will mark the official beginning of the 4-day conference. After the opening ceremony, participants will be able to enjoy various technical programs and activities.


Date & Time August 24(Thu.) 18:00~20:00 / Mugunghwa Hall (2F, Hoam Convention Center)   

The organizing committee will prepare a special occasion for participants to meet and network. Schedule and venue details will be informed soon.

Closing Ceremony

Date & Time August 25(Fri.) 12:40~13:00 / Each Oral Session Room