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About Conference

About the Conference

The 27th International Conference on Amorphous and Nano-crystalline Semiconductors (ICANS) organized every two years, started in 1965 in Prague with the name of International Conference on Amorphous and liquid Semiconductors (ICALS) to focus on fundamental physics. With a long journey of 52 years this conference, the liquid semiconductor term has been replaced by microcrystalline semiconductor, now a days nanocrystalline semiconductor. The major parts cover physical structure and characterization of various inorganic/organic materials, measurements & modeling of electronic, optical and physical properties, and applications including photovoltaics, sensors, thin film transistors (TFTs), and Light emitting diodes (LEDs).

History of the Conference

ConferenceYearLocation /Plenary speakerConferenceYearLocation /Plenary speaker
ICALS11965 rague, Czechoslovakia ICAS141991 Garmisch-Partenkirchen,
   Federal Republic of Germany
Kazunobu Tanaka
ICALS21967 Bucharest, Romania ICAS151993 Cambridge, England
William Paul
ICALS31969 Cambridge, U.K. ICAS161995 Kobe, Japan
Ted Davis
ICALS41971 Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Sir Nevill Mott
ICAMS171997 Budapest, Hungary
Gerry Lucovsky
ICALS51973 Garmisch-Partenkirchen,
   Federal Republic of Germany
ICAMS181999 Snowbird, UT, USA
Martin Stutzmann
ICALS61975 Leningrad, USSR ICAMS192001 Nice, France
Lothar Ley
ICALS719677 Edinburgh, Scotland ICAMS202003 Campos do Jordão, Brazil
Akihisa Matsuda
ICALS81979 Cambridge, MA, USA ICANS212005 Lisbon, Portugal
P. Craig Taylor
ICALS91981 Grenoble, France
David Adler
ICANS222007 Breckenridge, CO, USA
Walther Fuhs
ICALS101983 Tokyo, Japan
Walter Spear
ICANS232009 Utrecht, The Netherlands
Sigurd Wagner
ICALS111985 Rome, Italy
Robert Street
ICANS242011 Nara, Japan
Jan Kočka
ICALS121987 Prague, Czechoslovakia
Josef Stuke
ICANS252013 Toronto, Canada
Hideo Hosono
ICALS131989 Asheville, NC, USA
Hellmut Fritzsche
ICANS262015 Aachen, Germany
John Robertson